I Love {Travel Essentials}

I’ve been asked so many times over the years for things I love to travel with. Now that I’ve had some decent time on my hands, I finally complied a list for you. This isn’t a comprehensive packing list, but just all the things I grab when I travel!

All Travel Essentials

  • Eye mask
  • Travel pillow
  • Apple AirTags – I have in my purse, backpack and ALL pieces of luggage
  • AirFly – We each have one and love them! They make great stocking stuffers.
  • Favorite luggage – I have tried so many brands and pieces and these are my absolutely favorite! They are lightweight, expandable, roll smoothly, and have completely free inside compartments that don’t restrict packing. We have 4 pieces of this luggage and love it. Ours have seen thousands of miles and have held up great.
  • Backpack – I have also tried a variety of carry-ons and always come back to this Campus Backpack! I love everything about it – the compartments, niced sized side pockets, padded straps, ability to slide over suitcase, lightweight (until I pack it up), laptop sleeve and more. It does come in non-Disney patterns too. :-)
  • Luggage locks
  • Packing cubes – I personally have 3 sets and use it for every trip! For short trips I pack by day, and for long trips I pack them by item (ie. sweaters, short sleeved, pants, dresses, etc.)
  • Compression bags – We use these for ski trips
  • Charger – This one holds a lot of charge but is bulky. I keep in the backpack.
  • More portable charger – I carry this one in my cross body and like that I can charge but not need a cord

International Travel Essentials

  • Curling iron
  • Travel plug adapter – for the four of us, we take two
  • Travel dress – Don’t laugh, but this is my long haul travel dress. It is basically a nightgown. I mean, it has “nap” in the name. :-) I don’t wear a bra with it, it doesn’t wrinkle, it doesn’t have a waist band, it does have pockets and you depart and arrive looking cute! I have an old long navy cardigan that is super snuggly that I wear over the top.

Feel free to add your travel favorites in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “I Love {Travel Essentials}

  1. Adding the Airfly to my AMZ cart for stockings! Never seen or heard of it before but genius! I also LOVE packing cubes and I have converted all of my family into using them, too. We have and use the luggage scale anytime we are checking bags as I tend to overpack! I laughed out loud about the Nap Dress.

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