Survivor Lunch

My sweet friend JW put up a brave and admirable fight against breast cancer and a group of us were absolutely thrilled to host a lunch to celebrate the joyful news: SHE IS CANCER FREE!

I thought I’d share a few photos from our perfectly pink afternoon. LH and I arrived early to set up our little corner at the club. This was a surprise, and we were just giddy with anticipation of her arrival.

We set the table with flowers for her to take home, a sweet treat from Henri’s Bakery, festive paper goods from Natalie Chang, a survivor sash, and a party favor for all.

When JW arrived, we were ready to toast with pink bubbles!

LH made us the most darling earrings to commemorate the good news!

Celebrate all the things, friends. Life is so precious.

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3 thoughts on “Survivor Lunch

  1. I am so happy for your friend JW, her family and friends! Thats wonderful news to get especially with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer treatment has come a long way since my grandmother passed away from this disease at age 80. I pray one day soon we will have a cure. I believe they are currently working on some type of vaccine that’s in the testing stages for certain types of breast cancer.

  2. Having been there and done that, I’m quite curious as to how your friend kept her hair. I looked like Mr. Clean for quite a while. Mr. Clean was a better look for me than the massively expensive wigs I gave away. It looks like a fun celebration for all of you.

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