What’s the Good Word?

For our favorite football game every other year (we don’t travel to Athens, ha!), Georgia Tech was home versus Georgia for rivalry weekend! Honey and his SAE brothers put together what they affectionately call “World’s Greatest Tailgate” or WGT every year for this game. This year’s tailgate benefitted one of Honey’s childhood friends (turned high school bestie, turned fraternity brother, turned neighbor) who is putting up a courageous fight against glioblastoma and the monumental challenge this diagnosis carries. I didn’t get a single photo from the event, with Ludacris playing in the background, but suffice it to say it was a wonderful evening of reliving the glory days. What I did get a picture of is the scoreboard when Tech was briefly winning this game. :-)

If any of you out there know John McG or feel led to donate, send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll provide details on the best way to do so!

What’s the good word? THWG!

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