Austin TX {Terry Black’s BBQ & Broken Spoke}

Howdy from Austin, Texas! Y’all know we love a USA getaway and John choose Austin for his 18th birthday celebration. With all the things going on (sports, new pipes, school, holidays), we had to extend the festivities by a month, but finally landed in the Lone Star State. There are exactly three things on the boys’ Texas bucket list: food, shopping and music.

Austin TX
Terry Black’s BBQ & Broken Spoke
Food Tour, Shopping S Congress, Driskill Bar, Matt’s El Rancho
Joe’s Bakery, Segway Tour, Fairmont Austin

Terry Black’s BBQ

We promised the boys food and boy did Terry Black’s deliver on a Texas sized feast. The line was clear down the street when we arrived, but moved at a surprising clip. Once we finally weaved inside, we were just in awe. We’d never seen anything like it. Not the crowds, not the smells from the smoke house, not the cafeteria style commotion, and certainly not ribs the size of these! We were clearly tourists, as everyone around us seemed to be well versed in how Texans order their bbq. We stammered at the sides, we questioned the sizes, and we were stared down when we ordered four ribs. And three ribs. And finally figured out we got it right when we timidly said “two ribs, then?” and got a huge grin and were rewarded with two GIANT ribs on the tray. We still don’t know how we ended up with two mac & cheese, but nary a noodle was left. Terry Black’s was a huge hit and we savored every single bite. The experience was one of a kind and I suspect we will be talking about this meal for years to come.

Broken Spoke

Next on the agenda was Broken Spoke. I kept my lips sealed about this stop on the agenda, correctly surmising that simply springing it on them without time to question, hem and haw was the way to go. Stepping inside Broken Spoke is going back in time to the honky tonk bars of the 1960s. The likes of Willie, Tex, George and Dolly have played here. And Broke Spoke even earned their own historical marker this year! We arrived early enough to listen to live music in the dining room (our only regret being we had NO room for the country fried chicken), and then moved into the dance hall for Texas two-step lessons and more live music. Most of the guests seemed to be locals. When I struck up a conversation with one group of ladies on the dance floor, I asked if they were from Austin. They said “Yes! You’re not?!” When I said we were from Atlanta, they looked incredulous, asking “What in the world are you doing here at Broken Spoke?!” HA! I told them I really wanted to family to experience a honky tonk and I REALLY wanted to dance the Texas two-step. They assured me we had come to the right place for both. It was an absolutely amazing night!

Thank you, Texas, for the warm welcome!!

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3 thoughts on “Austin TX {Terry Black’s BBQ & Broken Spoke}

  1. I can’t keep up! 😁 “Nary a noodle” is the best sequence of words EVER written! 🤣🤣🤣 That’s such a darling cowgirl outfit! 🎼👢👢🎼❤️ Jane 🌴

  2. I checked Texas off my bucket list about 9 years ago when my husband and I drove to TX after we had visited his parents in MS. We planned our trip around the big Round Top antique week. Never seen anything like it and when they say everything is bigger and better in Texas, they are right! We didn’t have a chance to get up to Austin but boy does those ribs @Terry Blacks look amazing. Enjoy your time in the Lone Star State. By any chance, did you guys get to attend a taping of Austin City Limits?

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