Podcasts Part 11 {Bakersfield 3, Going West, Murder Homes, Ghost Story}

I’ve had my nose stuck in a book more often than not lately, but I still love a good podcast while driving, cleaning and making dinner. You can see all of my favorites going back for years on this thread. For today, here are four I’ve enjoyed, with Ghost Story being my favorite! Spoiler alert: they all fall distinctly in the true crime genre.

Bakersfield 3

When two friends go missing back-to-back, and in between their disappearances, a third friend is murdered, their mothers begin their own investigation. As the connections between the three cases are explored, the mothers navigate devastating twists and turns, including one revelation that shakes the community to its core.

Going West

Heath is a beer-drinking Oregon-native who enjoys horror movies, creating music, and being outdoors.
Daphne is a Los Angeles born entrepreneur who loves traveling and cooking vegan food.
​Each episode covers a different United States based case regarding disappearances, murders, and unsolved mysteries.

Murder Homes

The real estate market has never been hotter. Houses sell as soon as they’re listed. Bidding wars lead to all cash deals far above the asking price. But there is one kind of property that often sits on the market for years, no matter how much of a bargain it seems to be. Potential buyers come and go, the price keeps going down, and still the house stands empty. In real estate jargon, it’s called a “stigmatized property” because the home comes with a history. An unfortunate one – a horrible death occurred here. But what few people know is exactly what happened…. or why. Each week, Murder Homes tells the story of a single property. Who lived there? What secrets did they keep, and what did they leave behind? Part history, part murder mystery, this podcast mixes expert interviews, witness accounts, and court records to pull back the curtain on the hidden stories each property has to tell. Would you be able to live somewhere that seems perfect, if it weren’t for the ghosts of its past?

Ghost Story

Host Tristan Redman is a seasoned journalist who doesn’t believe in ghosts. But weird things happened in the bedroom he lived in as a teenager. When he discovers years later that subsequent occupants of the same house have been visited by the ghost of a faceless woman, he’s curious. Because it just so happens that Tristan’s childhood home is right next door to the house where his wife’s great grandmother, Naomi Dancy, was murdered in 1937 – killed by two gunshots to the face. Could there be a connection between the ghost and the murder? Tristan decides to investigate and soon finds himself going where no son-in-law should go, deep into his wife’s family history, asking questions no one wants answered.

I’ve you’ve listened to anything captivating lately, please share! I need something new to add to my queue.

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