Valentine’s Day Fun {Be Mine Door}

Happy February! I was excited to flip the calendar and pull out all the pink things and hearts.

This is one of my favorite door hangers!  January and February are particularly dreary here in Atlanta and it adds a much needed splash of fun and color.

I have no idea what I was thinking when I planted these pots with that horrible spiky grass. This may be the most heinous thing I’ve seen. I need fern season to return ASAP. I’m thinking I should invest in some sort of faux plant to go here from January – March every year. If you have something you love that looks great, please share. We had a landscaper come out and redo our front bed last year but they never finished the job. I just added that to the to-do list…. sigh. I want everything to be “perfect” by graduation time!

The dogs get pink and red ribbons for the month of February.

I hope your day – and month ahead – is just as sweet as can be!

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One thought on “Valentine’s Day Fun {Be Mine Door}

  1. I have the same trouble with my pots. Something to “thrill, fill, and, spill” as they say. Doesn’t matter what it is, the deer eat it.

    I would recommend that you get a small rug to later underneath your mat. I got a smallish 2 x 3 outdoor rug from Ballard and it is such a a small thing, but looks so much better. The marina rug, I think? I got brown for fall and blue for the rest of year. Anyway, Spring is coming!

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