Valentine’s Day Fun {Sweet & Simple Inside}

A couple of weeks ago I went ahead and added a few sweet touches to my decor for Valentine’s Day. I put them up a little sooner than usual so we could enjoy them for a good solid month.

Over the years, Mother painted and cut the garland for me, and made the three heart canvases! I love having her creations in my home. I had to hide my precious cinnamon jelly hearts from the boys this year. They have no self control. :-)

In the den I added Valentine’s candy and more pink roses. The rose candle is the same one I’ve been using the last couple of years. It smells amazing even when not lit!

Over at the banquette I set up an old Valentine’s tic tac toe game and more candy. Last year Anna Dasher ate an entire bowl of gummies during this photo shoot. This year it was a bowl of conversation hearts. I swear she is like having a toddler. It turn my head for one minute and she’s into something.

In the kitchen I am using my Happy Everything! attachments, as always! Lots of sweet treats pull double duty as decor.

Browse the Happy Everything! Site Here!

The coffee bar serves hot coffee by morning, hot tea by afternoon and hot chocolates by evening. :-) It was a lot of fun to set it up with all the cute Valentine’s things. The jars are from this plastic set and, of course, I have more Happy Everything! out.

I bought the heart straws two year ago, but they come in a huge set and I had plenty left. The heart marshmallows were from Target. My sister in law gave me the cute gummy bears for Christmas.

A couple of decorative hand towels hang from the oven.

Roses are an easy centerpiece for the kitchen table. I like to keep the decor simple on my table since we use it daily.

Last but not least, the heart pillow and garland were from Target a few years ago.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Fun {Sweet & Simple Inside}

  1. Lovely decor, but I missed your Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose. Don’t you usually pull that out for Valentines Day?

  2. I finally found the cinnamon jelly hearts…but I don’t think they’re very good this year and am so disappointed. 😩 They don’t have enough cinnamon flavor and the first bag I left on the shelf because they seemed hard. I guess I’ll have to jump forward and focus on Cadbury’s hard shell, chocolate mini eggs. 🤫 😀 Jane 🌴

    1. Jane! I completely agree. They aren’t as hot or as cinnamon flavored as usual. I still ate the whole bag.

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