A Kitchen Update 2.0

Ever since we let go of the formal living room for a casual game and lounge space, I’ve had my eye on the kitchen / dining room. You see, a room that was almost never even walked through is now a hub of activity and is used daily! (I still owe you photos and sources… I am so sorry. I am a horrible blogger.)

My issue with the dining room and kitchen table was that they are side by side. We had a kitchen table steps away from the dining room table. And, we only use both simultaneously one time a year, at most. They are beautiful spaces but I have given myself permission to let go of things that are beautiful and traditional in favor of things that work for us and will be enjoyed by us. Also, we have owned and used most of this for 22 years and it’s ok to outgrow things.

And so… kitchen update 2.0 has begun! The goal is to let go of the kitchen table for more storage, and turn the dining room our main dining area.

This is a pretty quick project, so at the end of day 1 we have a lot of progress. In the kitchen you can see the new beverage bar and storage going in. In the lower cabinets there will be storage, a fridge and possibly an ice maker (counter top, not one with water line). The upper cabinets offer more storage for pretty things. I will hang a piece of art in the middle.

In the dining room, I want a beautiful but more casual space for every day use. I started eating my breakfasts and lunches in here when I first dreamed up this project and I LOVE the light and views outside. I am keeping the table, but building in a new cabinet for china / storage and adding more casual, much lighter chairs. The old ones took effort just to drag them out from the table.

I can’t wait to share more!

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9 thoughts on “A Kitchen Update 2.0

  1. How clever! I can’t wait to see this. Can you please send my husband a postcard telling him “it’s okay to outgrow things”? 🤭 He always likes the changes but it takes a while to get the wheels in motion. Jane 🌴

  2. Looking forward to the finished reveal! Love that you are repurposing the standard rooms of your home into what your family will use.

  3. 😢😢 I know this is best for you but sad for me (as if that matters 😂). Other than the furniture, our dining rooms are so similar. Same wall color, similar draperies, and The Blue Lady portrait. No room has ever brought me such tranquility. Best of luck in your transition?

  4. Amanda,
    Im looking forward to seeing your results. My big project this year is almost the exact same thing. You always have the best suggestions.

    Also, with St. Patrick’s day coming up, for years I’m made your cottage pie and brownies. What mint liquor do you just? I’ve used several and they seem a little off.


  5. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Now that our “baby” is 14 I find that we use all of our spaces differently than when we had all three kids at home.

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