Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Auburn, Here He Comes!}

I am writing this post with a full heart, a huge smile on my face and eyes completely full of tears …


I’ve made mention here a few times that Auburn was his #1 choice going in to senior year. He applied early and was accepted in the first round. Our visit to campus was just spectacular. We felt like he belonged there, we felt the heart and passion of the students, administrators, professors and entire community. Honey and I desperately wanted him to pick Auburn, but we also wholly and unequivocally wanted him to make his own decision. And so… we kept our mouths shut. His other top contenders were Clemson and Florida State. But, there was no denying that every little thing for Auburn just kept falling into place. First a nice friend’s acceptance came in and he had a roommate. Then a merit scholarship. Then Honor College acceptance. While I am absolutely devastated that he will leave home come August, I truly cannot wait for this next chapter in his life.

Auburn Pennant:

(I should say that he is still waiting on a decision from University of Georgia but we don’t believe a yes from there would change anything.)

With great pride I conclude with…. WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Auburn, Here He Comes!}

  1. Oh my goodness! I became a reader way back when he was in third grade. I remember because it was your “back to school” celebration that hooked me as I was planning for my litter kinder baby that year. This brought tears my eyes because times flies, and it reminds me how soon I’ll be there. Thanks for sharing your family and your journey. It’s been a joy.

  2. Congratulations! What thrilling news! I have followed your blog since the beginning and watched both of your boys grow up!

    As an Auburn grad I can assuredly say he has made a wonderful choice. And Auburn is fortunate to be getting him!

    Auburn is a great community and I am certain he will thrive there academically and personally. The small college town is so supportive of the university and the academics are superb. Blessings! And in the words of the Auburn Creed….


    War Eagle!

  3. Congratulations to John on being Auburn bound! He has worked very hard for this and deserves all the best. I know your entire family is extremely proud of him.

  4. Big congratulations to him! How rewarding it must feel for him to have such great offers from his #1 choice! I’ve followed along on your blog since your boys were little (my two and each a year younger than yours) and feel the same combination of dread and excitement just thinking about them leaving for school.

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