Kitchen Update 2.0 {Electrical Trim Out & Starting to Style}

I’m back with one last update before we take a pause for a couple of weeks as we wait on the painter. Today the electricians finished up their work. Here was their list:

  • Move kitchen switches to mudroom wall
  • Add outlet for ice maker under kitchen cabinet
  • Add 2 outlets above counter
  • Hang new ceiling mount fixture in kitchen
  • Wire and hang picture light in kitchen
  • Lights in cabinets in kitchen
  • Lights under cabinets in kitchen
  • Move dining room ceiling electrical box to be centered on where table would go, not on room (this has driven me crazy for 15 years!)
  • Move existing kitchen chandelier to dining room
  • Light in cabinets in dining

The lights I chose for the kitchen are these:

Anna Dasher positively glued herself to one of the electricians. He seemed to adore her and let her lay on top of him as he worked all day.

I dug out all of my blue and white pieces from my kitchen 15 years ago and am pressing them back into service.

Here’s what it looks like now! And here’s what’s left:

  • Drywall and paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Buffet type table to fill this space a little more
  • Art
  • Door for fridge

I am absolutely thrilled with this piece in the dining room and have zero regrets! This week I washed every single piece of crystal in my house, and polished every piece of silver. It was quite the undertaking.

I took these pictures late and they are awful quality. I wanted you to get a look at the little slips I had made for my new chairs. I went with shorter skirts than I had previously to keep them more casual. I’m playing with the bow here… may or may not add that.

Here’s what’s left in the dining room:

  • Monogram chair backs
  • Paint ceiling and trim
  • Wallpaper inside cabinets
  • Wallpaper walls
  • Hang mirror (previously in kitchen) and candle sconces (previously in living room)
  • Make / hang curtains
  • Figure out something to hang over existing buffet table (currently a mirror… don’t need two in here)

I’m using the Society Social faux grasscloth wallpaper in both rooms. My plan is to use it inside the kitchen cabinets and on the wall where the picture light is, as well as inside the dining room cabinet. I’m a little terrified to DIY this but will share the details. I’ve done a good deal of research and learned you should let paint cure for at least 30 days before wallpapering so I’m channeling all my patience to not tackle this project this weekend.

Happy weekend, y’all! It’s storming here and we’ll be drenched at John’s lacrosse game tonight but I’m not missing a moment of his senior year.

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5 thoughts on “Kitchen Update 2.0 {Electrical Trim Out & Starting to Style}

  1. Your new lighted china cabinet is just gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it all come together and the finished product.

  2. Love seeing this home update! I have always absolutely adored your style. Your kitchen update from a few years ago was so spot on and this is making it even prettier! Great ideas.

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