Kitchen Update 2.0 {We Have Trim}

This little project is moving along at a nice clip. We now have the electrical and cabinets fully installed. They look beautiful with the trim added.

In the kitchen, I matched the existing cabinets as closely as possible and took them all the way to the ceiling like the others. I wanted it to feel a little more like furniture and less like cabinets hanging freely on a wall, so I had them add side panels to close the area in. They matched a few of the decorative details from the rest of the room – including a 2″ bump out in the center and the fluted trim pieces.

I cannot believe how much more spacious this seems compared to my china cabinet – which I thought was huge. I wanted this to really look like a stand alone piece so we did not take it to the ceiling and I did not try to match trim or finishes in the rest of the room.

Next, the painters come! They will take the drawer faces and doors to their workshop to paint, and spray the rest here in place.

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