Talons Challenge 2024

After his mom-son jaunt down to Disney, Whit was off to Beaver Creek with Honey for leg two of winter break. John doesn’t get the week off since he plays a spring sport, and Honey and I have immensely enjoyed our 1:1 time with Whit – doing our favorite things – the last few years.

This is a trip that is completely planned by the guys, and it is such a relief for me to not plan something every now and then. They find their own lodging (and usually call me as soon as they arrive and say I’d hate it), book their own flights, figure out they way from airport to hotel, etc. They usually find a decent place to eat night 1 – last year was a sandwich shop, this year a taco place – and then they eat there every.single.night for the rest of the trip. I typically call them each night to ask about the day and find them sitting in the room watching a movie. Neither is of the talkative kind, so the call is always short. I got three photos this year, which is on par.

The highlight of their trip was completing the Talons Challenge, and this was the exact reason they went back to Beaver Creek this year. Talons Challenge participants conquer over 26,000′ of vertical down 14 of the toughest double black and black runs – IN ONE DAY! They missed the registration last year and did their own. Whit wanted so badly to complete the actual challenge and they did it!!!

They were both SO EXCITED about this accomplishment!

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