Around Atlanta {Hugo’s Oyster Bar}

Honey planned a surprise birthday brunch for me the Saturday after my big day. We went to a place we’ve seen a few times, and were always intrigued by – Hugo’s Oyster Bar!

Inside was a bit of New Orleans feel with the colors and decor, with the cuisine being described as Coastal American South. We started with the weekend Bloody Mary Bar. It was a birthday, after all.

We couldn’t decide on an oyster, so went with the sampler. YUM! All were delicious, with Hugo’s being our collective surprise favorite (bacon, jalapeno, white cheddar.) I neglected to grab a photo before we started in.

They serve breakfast all day on the weekend, so Honey chose the Hugo’s Benedict and I went with the Shrimp & Grits. We shared the Praline Bacon. Both of our entrees were great, but I didn’t love the bacon.

Dessert is on the house for birthdays and I chose the beignets. They were a little chewier than I am used to, but the praline sauce MORE than made up for that. Yum!

Overall, we had a great experience and would definitely go back. It seems they have some great happy hour specials that we’d love to catch one of these days.

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One thought on “Around Atlanta {Hugo’s Oyster Bar}

  1. Of all the hundreds and hundreds of incredibly impressive things you’ve done, shared, created and accomplished, none compares to you eating beignets while wearing black! 🫣 ❤️ 🥓🧅🫑 🍅 🫒🌶 Jane – San Diego 🤗🌴

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