Celebrating 22 Years

Twenty-two years ago today, we never would have dreamed what we would be doing…

Celebrating our grad and his two best friends at an amazing backyard soiree! Our proudest moments of our years together all center around raising our boys, so it was a fitting and perfect way to mark the day.

We share a mutual love of many “simple” things. Reading, murder mystery shows, cheering on our home teams and kid sports teams, Georgia Tech and now Auburn, cards and puzzles, Disney, Alanis Morisette and Zac Brown, movie nights, game nights, seafood and sushi, road trips, seeing the USA, sudoku, costume parties, pool lounging and math.  

Honey is smart, hardworking and honest.  He’s also so incredibly patient and tenderhearted and kind.  And I think he’s terribly handsome.  Some days I can hardly believe he’s mine – I still remember the first time I laid eyes on him on my first day of college!  

I look forward to growing very, very old with this man.  Happy 22 years, Honey!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating 22 Years

  1. Cherish every moment with Honey. I lost my sweet Honey after being together 43 years. I miss him so much….we always held hands…I wish we could do that again. Congratulations on your time together and the wonderful gift of raising your boys!

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