Candy Bouquets

Last month we had the pleasure of attending both Jay’s end of year school play and CeeCee’s recital. Since one was right after the other, I decided to make candy bouquets for both! Sister always gives Cee the most gorgeous flowers and I suspected she might like a bunch of her favorite Kit Kats for a change. For Jay’s, I used his favorite Twix candy bars.

I really should have documented how I put them together. I simply taped a long wood skewer to the back of each candy bar with clear packing tape. Then, I taped each of the skewered candy bars to the others, to make it look like a bouquet. I wrapped the whole thing in tissue then cello, and tied with a bow.

They turned out just as cute as can be and both loved receiving them!

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3 thoughts on “Candy Bouquets

  1. What a great idea! I love this even more than the pretty flowers you have done before, and what a great way to give something to a boy!

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