More Elfin Magic

Now, where did we leave off?? When I committed (to myself) to come up with a special treat from our elf Scout each day, perhaps I didn’t totally think that through.  I often find myself getting out of my warm bed waaay too late at night to search my pantry and craft supplies to come up with something for the next day.  That Scout is a high-maintenance elf!

Frosty Fun Day
Scout pulled out our Frosty DVD and all the fixin’s to make marshmallow snowmen.  I helped assemble the snowmen with toothpicks and then the boys got super creative with m&m’s, oreos, reeses cups, fruit roll ups and pretzels.  We used peanut butter “glue” to hold everything together.  And the best part of this sweet treat, eating their creations!

Charlie Brown Christmas
Scout was super smart to record the special on TV the night before.  And…. he just happened to have a Charlie Brown window cling manger scene set.  Where on earth did that come from??

Rudolph Cookies
Scout was super lazy this day – he just left cookies and milk for the boys.  At least he got creative with his hiding place. John was amazed at Scouts ability to bring other toys to life at night too :-)

Breakfast with Santa
Our club has breakfast with the jolly elf himself each December, complete with plenty of kid friendly fare, crafts and a roaring fire.

Birthday Day
Scout has become adept at using what we already have planned for his treat!  Birthday day was a day of birthdays.  In Sunday School we had a birthday party for Jesus, in the afternoon we attended a birthday party for a school friend and in the evening we celebrated Cookie’s Dr. Seuss’s Party!

Merry Grinchmas
It was snowing in Georgia today and waaaay to cold to go out and do anything!  Scout pulled out our Grinch movies, Grinch book, singing Grinch doll, popcorn and hot chocolate for a Grinch filled day spent in our jammies.

And that marks only the half-way point to Christmas.  Maybe Mimi will take over as Scout’s assistant when we get to Savannah next week :-)

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  1. The title of this post! Ha! Did you remember that my pony's show name was Elfin Magic??? I know much you liked him :)

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