One is Silver, The Other is Gold

One day, long, long ago, I was a Brownie.  Probably the most unlikely candidate ever to step foot in a Girl Scout meeting.  I don’t camp, I’m not keen on the great outdoors, I look ghastly in brown and orange, I despise decor made out of yard and popsicle sticks and, while I count down the days to EAT those darned cookies each year, I hated selling them.  I really only remember two things from my Brownie days. One is touring the Wayne Gordon house, birthplace of Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low, which is fitting considering my fancy for lovely interiors.  The other, randomly, is the Make New Friends song.  Specifically, this first verse:

Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver, the other is gold.

The song was dancing around in my head yesterday as I spent my morning catching up with ZTA sorority sisters that I first met 16 years ago, some that I talk to daily, and some that I haven’t seen in 12 years.  The ladies caught up over mimosas while the kids shoveled in as many powdered donuts and mini croissants as humanly possible.

And here are about half of the kids between us!  So that I could somewhat enjoy myself, I opted to bring only one child (back row striped shirt.) It was a tough decision.  Do I go for good behavior (Cookie) and impress these old friends with my fantastic parenting skills?  Or do I go for self-sufficience (John) where I can promptly deposit him at the front door and then hunt him down three hours later?  I opted for the latter.  And he actually wasn’t too terribly behaved after all :-)

After a great morning with these “old” friends, Ward and I spent the night out with some of our “newer” friends.  Once our neighbors, we didn’t realize how fortunate we were to see them every day.  Meet the Wilsons, two of our dearest, sweetest, most fun, life-long type of friends.

Having loads of reasons to catch up with so many of our friends is just one of the gazillion things I adore about the holidays!!!

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