Pretty Presents

Since the boys both celebrate birthdays within a month of Christmas, each year we give them one, nice item that we hope they will have forever.Now, before you shed a tear feeling so sorry for the poor children that receive a painting for their birthday, please rest assured that between their party guests, grandparents, aunts, uncles and Santa they have enough toys to make me feel a little sick to my stomach.

To commemorate John’s fifth birthday, we gave him a small original oil painting of the Tybee Island Light House.  A place that holds lots of memories for the little one already.  This gem is painted by local artist Adam Houston, which makes it even more special in my mind.

For Cookie’s second birthday, he received the same gift that big brother did at age two – his bronzed baby shoe.  Since shoes come in pairs, Mommy gets to keep one of each (John on left, Cookie on right) and the boys each have one on display in their rooms.

Looking back, on their first birthdays, each boy received a sterling baby spoon and fork set in my silver pattern, Strasburg by Gorham.  I hope they have littles to use these one day as well :-)

For John’s fourth birthday, he received a small, framed hard pack print of his large formal portrait.  Cookie will receive the same thing when he turns four.  Which means I still have two years to save for that…

And for number three, John received this custom Sugarboo frame.  We picked the quote “At one glance I love you with a thousand hearts.”  While it has a sweet baby picture of him in it now, we thought it would be appropriate for his first dog in a few years, his wife in quite a few more and maybe even his own son (since W’s don’t make girls) one day.

While the boys surely don’t appreciate these gifts now, maybe they will one day when they’re off on their own and they will have a trunk load of things to start their own home with.  And if they still don’t appreciate them then, surely their wives will :-)