Rudolph the Red Nosed Cookie

Scout was busy busy this week and the kids continue to loooove his sweet little treats.

Reindeer Cookies
Scout stayed up late and pre-baked the cookie faces so that he could leave all the decorating fun and none of the waiting to bake work for the littles.  What a kind and thoughtful elf!

Here’s what you need
1 roll of peanut butter cookie dough
bag of M&Ms
bag of twist pretzels

Here’s how to pull it off
Unwrap the cookie dough and form the round sides of the dough to be triangular in shape.
Put the dough back in the fridge for a few minutes to make it easy to cut.
Slice the triangle cookies off of the roll (we got 24 out of ours.)
Push in two pretzels at the top of each reindeer face for the antelers and M&M’s for the eyes and nose.
Bake according to the package directions.


Now, Scout thought he was being so smart to pre-bake the cookies.  In reality, it meant we had to use peanut butter as glue to adhere the pretzels and M&Ms.  Next year I think we’ll just do it the right way.  After sampling a few, we wrapped the rest in little cello bags for John’s friends!

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