Savannah Must-Shops

Savannah is dripping in delightful little shops and eateries.  Each time I visit, the girls and babies spend a day shopping downtown in the historic district.  These are our must-shop stores …

The Paris Market and Brocante

Just the window display is enough to make me drool.  And I haven’t even stepped inside!  The darling elves were $20 each.  Soooo tempting…

The Paris Market houses the most eclectic, most desirable finds from all over the world.  The treasures range from extravagant to serene to classic to unique.

As if the eye candy isn’t enough, the little Brocante is a fantastic addition.  It’s always soooo hard to choose… French Garden Tea, Infused Water Du Jour or Frozen French Hot Chocolate (with pink whip!)??  Always an iced Eiffel Tower cookie, and sometimes a salted caramel as well.  And for the babes, there is an amazing assortment including French marshmallows and rock candy.  Are you drooling yet?

Savannah Bee Company
One block down is the Savannah Bee Company.  Just the creak of the screen door of this dog friendly gem reminds me that I am home in the deep South!  This “sweet” little shop sells the most delicious award-winning artisinal honey and all sorts of honey and bee products from creams (Royal Jelly is my fave) to bee tee-shirts to children’s books.

Speaking of the kids, they have a giant bee hive inside the store for the little ones to romp around in.  They show bee videos inside of the hive and have toys and bean bags for lounging while the adults enjoy the honey bar – like a wine tasting but with honey!  And, if you aren’t too full from your stop at Paris Market, I highly recommend the tea sweetened with honey, or the warm biscuits with honey.  We usually skip lunch and just snack our way through our shopping excursion.

DC2 Design Interiors and Cafe
Now just walk across the street to DC2, a sophisticated and impressive shop that made it’s way to our must-shop list just as soon as it opened!  I have found two of my most prized decorative accessories in these four walls… and a paint color for my bedroom.

In addition to the gorgeous flocked Christmas trees that I have no way to hide from my husband were I to have purchased, we all drooled over this armoire with the mirrored inside.  I feel an addition to my aforementioned husband’s honey-do list :-)

I love to snap a few quick pics of the kids when we’re out and about downtown.  The historic homes, steps, bricks, trees and squares are gorgeous.  A part of me that I want to instill in my kids.

One Fish Two Fish
Now head to Whitaker street for yet another delightful must-shop.  Full of eclectic and stylish furniture, lighting, bedding, art and accessories, it’s worth the detour!

This store might all seem familiar, as Better Homes and Gardens had a great feature story on owner Jennifer Grayson this month!

No. Four Eleven
Just down the street (and past a great paper store we didn’t have time to visit) is another of our favorite must-shops.  No. Four Eleven is full of fresh, crisp designs for bed, bath and home.  As if that isn’t enough, the store has the most intricate, gorgeous and unique monograms I’ve ever seen.  And if I know anything about anything, it’s monograms :-)  One of these days I want to have a custom monogram designed with my initials.  The store owners do this for around $100.  The actual monograms start at $10 each, which isn’t too bad compared to the prices in Atlanta.

The babies were soooo great during our day out on the town.  However, after hours of shopping and no naps, Cookie finally broke down in No. Four Eleven when he spotted this across the room…

… a LAMBY!  Lamby is his lovey and we already own four of them.  Meltdown occurred approximately one minute after this picture when we went to leave the store and I put lamby back on his shelf.  Poor baby.

Born and raised in Savannah, I grew up hearing stories of and seeing pictures of my parents, grandparents, great aunts and uncles shopping on these very streets, in these very buildings.  So many years later, my sister and I and our children are literally following in their footsteps.  That’s just special, yall!

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