Blessed Be The Name

Blessed Be the Name is simply the sweetest little trunk show clothing line I’ve ever encountered.  And I’ve “encountered” more than a few in my daily desire to dress my littles in classic, original clothing while I can.  I was first introduced to the line by a friend of the owner and designer, Ashley Eiler, during one if its first seasons and instantly fell in love with the classic patterns, sweet fabrics and the mission of the brand itself.  Since then, I have stalked Ashley’s blog, admiring her heart, service and faith, and watching her business grow into two lines and a store.  And think I would just adore her in real life.  So, it’s easy for me to embrace a brand that not only has a fabulous mommy owner and perfect pint-sized products, but an amazing philanthropy to boot!

So, as much as I wanted to curl up with the littles and a pot of Paris tea this morning, instead I pulled on my wellies and we braved the chilly, drizzly day to attend the BBTN spring trunk show with my sweet sister and baby Bird.  And I’m SO glad we did!  I exhibited great restraint in choosing only two matching outfits for the boys, as I could have easily spent a small fortune if I thought there was a feasible way to hide it from Honey.

I was off on my merry way when very serious and worrisome problem dawned on me – this is quite likely my very last season to dress a baby in bubbles.  Last. Season.  Ahhhhh.  Is another baby worth a few more years of bubbles? Even I am sane enough to think not.  But, I just totally and completely adore them.  I love seeing chunky baby thighs, sweet dimply shoulders and sun-kissed skin in the way that only the bubble has truly mastered.  And, in my expert bubble opinion, BBTN has one of the very best bubble patterns (rivaled only by Hannah Kate) out there.  So, what did I buy? Why, bubbles of course!

The thought of Cookie’s pink cheeks, blonde hair and blue eyes on a summer evening at the beach in this sweet little number makes my heart go all aflutter…

We chose this very fabric, Blue Posey, for the babies’ bubbles and the PCP’s (Precious Cutie Pie = John) shorts.

And for the second set, we chose the same bubble pattern and shorts but in this precious elephant print (much more vivacious in person.)  We have planned a surprise trip to Disney this fall and as soon as I set eye on this fabric I knew it was perfect for Animal Kingdom day.  And since Bird won’t be joining us in Disney, a trip to the zoo or two will certainly be in order.

Check out the site – you have all week to order as the trunk is here till the fifth.

Now, both of my boys are napping.  I know, right!?!?  When does that ever happen??  So I’m off to watch a little Desperate Housewives with that aforementioned pot of tea.   Tootles!

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