Little Luxuries

I am a surf and sun, summer lovin’ kind of gal.  Trees without leaves, cold windy days and that awful stuff they call snow are just not my cup of tea.  That being said, the ladies in my family, though we’re miles apart, do spend our winter nights thoroughly enjoy these two little luxuries:

The Cherry Pit Pac
This little heating pad is filled with cherry pits.  I pop it in the micro for two minutes each night and warm my bed with it while I don my nightie and then drape it around my neck while I read or watch TV.  My mom and I both have the oh-so-lovely cat fabric, while my sis favors the dog fabric.  Function over form, people.  (I generally don’t promote that.)

Harney and Sons Paris Tea
We brew this tea by the pot, not the glass, must drink it hot, and always, always add a whole cup of sugar.  We like our tea saaaa-wheet in the South.  This variety is a fruity black tea with a hint of vanilla and caramel and is too delicious for words to describe.  For years we had to special order it and have it mailed, but it can now be yours with a quick visit to The Fresh Market.

While we’re on the subject, during my first pregnancy, when I just knew I was having a girl, I daydreamed of sweet little morning tea parties with a frilly table cloth and a table full of dolly friends.  Two boys later, I count my blessings that I’m having a tea party at all!!!  I might have to share my sweet, hot tea and blue willow tea cups with Batman and discuss techniques for defeating various villans, but I wouldn’t change a single thing.

And, just a little sidebar to let you all know that my mom’s foot surgery went well today.  She’s recovering at home, with her cherry pit pac and paris tea, and now I’m off to do the same…

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