The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good
We continue to be snowed in three days after the big Southern blizzard.  We have a warm, cozy home, we have plenty of yummy food and snacks and we’ve done every single entertaining activity I could come up with.

We watched one million cartoons while snuggled on the sofa. (And when I stepped out of the room for two seconds Cookie purchased the unedited version of A-Team On Demand for $4.99.  Honey was pretty pleased with this lovely flick.)

We dressed up like superheros to run, battle and dine.

We broke out the yearned-for Bendaroos that John received for Christmas to make a variety of remarkable items, including this artful rendition of a hamburger.

We took long (and messy) bubble baths in our swimming pool sized navy blue tub.

We put together some pretty interesting ensembles.

We turned our left over beef brisket into rave-worthy nachos.
We jumped on our un-made beds.

We colored and colored.  And then colored some more.

And when the going got really tough, the tough colored on his face with markers.

The Bad
We have not had mail service since Saturday.  After reading that the USPS was back in action on day three, I bundled up and braved life and limb to make the long hike to my mailbox.  Not having been farther than my front door since day one of the pretty powdery stuff, everything the news-folks had been saying was validated.  My driveway was a serious sheet of ice.  I must have been quite entertaining to my geriatric neighbors as I not-so-glamorously slipped and slid myself to the box.  Once there, I anxiously opened the latch to find NOT A SINGLE catalog.  Nothing to read.  No slick pages to pore over.  No fabulous decor to ogle. Not even a BAD catalog (think: Cuddledown.) UGH.

My housekeeper is three days over due. So, along with the collateral damage my house has sustained having three boys playing inside for three days, I also have yucky stuff on my cooktop, a dirty shower, sheets tied in a knot and random lint balls rolling around.  Yes, I am perfectly healthy and capable but I just kept feeling certain that he’d show (he lives down the street) and I didn’t want to clean a house that I was going to then turn around and pay someone to clean.

The Ugly
Along with the lapse in mail service, we have also not had our trash picked up.  The big can is iced in at the curb.  Thus, the trash is piling up outside my garage door.  Again, yes, I am perfectly healthy and capable but it’s cold.  And icy.  And it’s really a man’s job.  You see, I generally place trash bags and stinky diapers just outside of the garage door throughout the day.   Honey dutifully carries it to the can upon his arrival home from work.  But since Honey has not been to work, he has also not carried the trash to the can.  Doubly complicating the situation is that the the can is at the curb and the driveway resembles Iceland.

We are out of Coke and milk.  That is a rare and strange circumstance around here as, outside of alcoholic beverages, our liquid diet (littles excluded) consists almost completely of Coke (me) and milk (Honey).  With nowhere to go and nothing to do, we were living in somewhat of a time warp and realized after opening our first bottle of wine yesterday that it was only 2:13 PM.  I put this in the ugly category because waking up today was U.G.L.Y.

In the end, I really can’t complain.  I don’t even want to.  A lot of people have a lot less and having a five day weekend with my Honey and the littles is A-OK in my book!!

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  1. I love it!! Todd was a little more adventurous than Ward….we were out and about on Tuesday. But your house sounds like more fun, I may stay in if there were beef brisket nachos and wine! :)

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