Ho Hum

Ho Hum… that’s kind of how I felt after watching the unveiling of the 2011 HGTV Dream Home.  I generally cannot wait for the big reveal each New Years Day but I just wasn’t swooning over this house like I have in years past.  Now, that being said, there were certainly some aspects that I liked.  Here are my favorites:

I found the modern Alpine lodge concept to be quite lovely for the location in Stowe Vermont. Now, I’m hands down more of a surf girl than a slopes girl but these gorgeous views are quite impressive!  And Honey would give his right arm to have a ski escape.  Or just to go skiing even without the escape.

I looove a roomy mudroom –  the bench in the middle of the room, vaulted pine ceiling, chandelier and storage are all perfect.  If only I could double the size of my mudroom.

Gathering Room
While you cannot see this in the pictures, I DID swoon over the radiant heated floors in the living room.  Top notch.  I also love the views from this room.  However, the “autumn” decor and abstract art aren’t up my ally. Usually I love Linda Woodrum’s interiors but, overall, this one felt a bit outdated.  And while I’m a big fan of local art, if the local art isn’t fabulous, keep shopping.  But I digress… I intended to talk about the things I loved.

Twenty-four foot vaulted ceilings, island seating for six, twin dishwashers, a microwave drawer, warming drawer, refrigerator drawer and freezer drawer (sign me up for that dream dresser.)

Dining Room
The view is amazing and that the doors all slide open for alfresco dining is just too much.  I can imagine the parties…  On another note, I prefer to keep the office chairs in the office. The office building, that is.  Not even the home office and definitely not the dining room.  And I’m guessing that whoever said these would be great for children does not have children like mine.  My day dream of alfresco dinner parties in my mountain lodge just turned into a nightmare when I envisioned my boys raising their chairs up and down, spinning around until they were dizzy and then racing each other around the island in their wheeled dining chairs.  And the leather bound rug. Ew.

Master Bathroom
I think the birch framed mirror is brilliant.  Love, love love it.  Want it in my house.

Guest Suite
This was hands down my very favorite space in the whole home. The charcoal walls, natural fiber rug and white bedding are lovely and dreamy.  I love the sparkle from the the antique mirrors, chrome and glass. This room feels chic and elegant, like a resort get-away to me.

Ski Dorm
This guest suite was just too much (in a really good way.) Again, I’d love to have the space, reason, opportunity, money, etc. to pull off a room like this.  The eight numbered bunks and their drapes are a fantastic use of space and just so much fun to look at.  My boys would be thrilled to lay their heads here at the end of the day! I love the ottomans and the game table and the playful and functional feel of the room.

And, for a bunk room of that caliber, you know an outstanding bath is in order.  Three showers (with wall and rain heads) and changing rooms, two potty rooms, three sinks, industrial pendant lights and chili red tiles.  Adorable and so much fun!

This was the show-stopper for me, featuring an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and hot tub overlooking the mountain. Yes, please!

John Gidding
[Hold your laughter] While I’m listing out my likes from the show, I’d be remiss if I left out good old John.  No doubt he is pretty easy on the eyes.  I’d welcome him on my block any day.

So, that’s my take on the 2011 Dream Home.  And while I found it to just be “okay” this year, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m still entering to win it every single day.

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