I Survived

Little John had his first sleep over this past weekend.

And I survived!!!

It sure does help that I’ve known his buddy’s mommy N for seventeen years and that she’s one of my very best friends in the whole wide world.  Not only am I completely confident in her parenting skills (I often find myself asking WWND? while in compromising parenting situations), but she totally gets me.  She knew I was a teensy bit scared to send the PCP (precious cutie pie) away from the nest.  So, being the sensitive and kind friend that she is, she sent me blow-by-blow updates via texts and pictures throughout the night.

The boys discussed fighting in their underpants before bed (I forgot to ask how that went), enjoyed a pizza dinner, played with bakugans, nerf guns and the wii, drant hot cocoa, and ended the night in their sleeping bags discussing whatever it is that two five year old boys have to chat about (oh, to be a fly on that wall)…

Certain that he’d not be able to stay without his mommy and daddy, I was fully expecting, anticipating and ready to go pick him up on a moment’s notice.  I retired with both my cell and home phone on the bedside table and slept with one eye open.  Except, I never got the call.  He had a ball and I survived.  Which is a good thing, since this one was probably pretty easy compared with what’s to come down the road.

Thanks, N.  You are the best.  xoxo

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