On My Bedside {Vampire Academy Series}

(I am only ever so slightly mortified to admit…) Last Sacrifice – A Vampire Academy Novel by Richelle Mead

I am trying to savor the pages of this one as it is the last in an engaging series of six.  I read the first five in a week this summer and have been dying (pun intended) for this one’s release!

And, if you are wondering, yes, I realize I am well past my pre-teen years and yes, I know I should grow my mind with more meaningful literature and yes, I still read real books with ink and paper. But, I confess… I am addicted to vampires.  True Blood, The Twilight Saga, Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy… you name it, if it has a bloodsucker I will read it, watch it, LOVE it!

Thanks, E, for the loan. You have fantastic taste in books, if I do say so myself.

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