Last night was Bunco night in my neck of the woods.  In our usual manner, new friend A swung by for me, my wine and my pimento cheese dip and we made our way to this once a month, festive night out full of dice, free-flowing drinks, mouth-watering eats and highly entertaining neighbor ladies.  Also as usual, on our arrival, the host’s home was a-buzz with the giddy conversation of women – high on a night away from Honeys and littles.  After a bit of free socialization, we grab a table, the bell rings and the game begins.

And that’s precisely when things departed from “usual.”  I broke out my brand spanking new Buncolator app, a score keeping device I learned about from always-in-the-know Callie over at calliespondence.  Genious!  After all, when you are in the midst of rolling, gossiping, wining and dining, keeping score can be a bit cumbersome.  Well, problem solved, ladies!  I must say that the crowds were impressed.

If you don’t already play Bunco, I do insist that you gather up your girls, mix up a few divine cocktails, bake up your best hour d’oeurves and give it a whirl. 

Have a glorious day!  I plan to.

PS. Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post to help grow our March of Dimes donation by three-and-a-half dollars.  And while I’m asking, please keep my cousin’s baby girl, born at just 26 weeks yesterday, in your thoughts and prayers. 

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2 thoughts on “Bunco

  1. aah! love that you bought and used it – that makes my day (and i'm sure my friend lindsay's!)! had so much fun visiting on tuesday and will certainly add your cousin's sweet baby to my prayers…

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