Man Day

One day a year, on Super Bowl Sunday,we celebrate Man Day.  You see, when Honey became friends with bestie S’s Mister, he was superbly jealous of his Man Day.  So a few years ago I caved and granted Honey’s wish for his very own Man Day.  It goes just as you’d expect:

I get the littles up and ready for Sunday school (the only praying Honey does on Man Day is to win his Super Bowl bets) and, before jetting out the door, I prepare a quick tray of milk and doughnuts to leave bedside for when the sleeping beauty deigns to awaken.  This occurs at about 10AM.

After dropping the littles I race to meet an ever so faithful blog reader, the “real” MW (used to be known as the “new” MW and not to be confused with the “old” MW), to drop off the bar stools I was selling so that she would have them for her big game day soiree.  She was totally delightful in person and I’m sure that anyone observing our shenanigans in the Hobby Lobby parking lot must have been in stitches.  I do hope we meet again!
With the bar stools unloaded, I race back to my side of town, fill up Honey’s Jeep with a full tank of gas (that is TRUE love), and arrive back at church just in time to pick up the littles, saying a quick prayer of forgiveness for skipping mass myself.

At this point we head to Taco Bell to load up on fifteen dollars worth of questionable meat and and a Mountain Dew larger than my head.  Gasp! Man Day is also the only day of the year I bring a Pepsi product into my home.  Once home, we deliver Honey’s warm meal to his warm seat on the sofa and I wrestle with the littles to try to keep them as occupied as possible.

In between lunch and kickoff, Honey plays the wii with the littles (ie. Honey plays while they destroy the basement) and then takes John to his baseball tryouts where hangs with the coaches for a while.  During this time, Cookie doesn’t nap and I throw together two batches of my Salty Sweet Delish bark, clean up my house, try to pay some bills and grab a lightening fast shower.

And finally, it is time for the coup de grace of the day… KICK OFF!   We attended a hugely festive party at bestie S’s house.  John is finally old enough to not require constant attention and the best baby in the world went easily to sleep in the pack and play after playing with cousin Bird for a short while.  So we both immensely enjoyed our evening.  Honey rounded out his day with nachos, beers, friends, our cheese head and prego hosts, and FOOTBALL.

Honey is truly an amazing husband and selfless father and deserves every minute of his Man Day.  And, now that that’s behind us, we can move back into Woman Days.  Which luckily occur the other 364 days of the year.

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  1. It was so nice to finally "meet" you in person! I feel better knowing every inch of your beautiful home and super cute family! I looked like this beverly hillbillies driving down HB! The barstools worked perfect in my basement! It was a pleasure doing business with you! Have a great week!

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