Pajama Jeans

Okay, so I’m kind of stifling my laughter over here as I, once again, consider the topic of pajama jeans.

Remember my night out with bestie F and the five things I deemed you need to know? Well, last night besties C, S and I headed out to celebrate her birthday in our traditional fashion – hours of conversing, debating and gossiping while dining on fabulous food at Brio (this particular time.) Which brings me back to my point…guess who actually ordered the pajama jeans!?!?  Much to her disappointment, due to “incredible demand”, they are on back order.  Until April end.  I can’t imagine that there are hoards of people out there donning these hysterical pants.  Are there?

On the other hand, taking off of my evil dictator of taste hat and donning my practical mommy hat (though Honey would argue there’s not much practical about me), perhaps the makers of pajama jeans actually are on to something. After dressing Cookie for bed last night, he showed back up downstairs wearing his “jeans wif pockets” over his fleecy sleeper.  [And Ampa’s affinity for zip lock bags has apparently been inherited by his namesake since he also has taken to carrying lamby around safely contained in an appropriately sized quart sized option.]  I suppose my own flesh and blood is now a prime candidate for pajama jeans. 

I’ll be back with a real live review from bestie F come April.  I have a feeling it will be worth the long, hard wait.


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