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Hopsy over at Kappa Prep hosts the first blog I ever followed.  (I learned of her on the Martha Stewart Lilly Pulitzer anniversary episode back in March of 2009.  A delightful pairing of two of my very favorite things, it goes down in history as my number one hour of television to date.)  So for the last two years, as a part of my daily doings, I have popped over to her blog to see what’s what in the perfectly pink and totally Lilly-fied land of Hopsy.  Until I jumped on the blog bandwagon myself, I had no idea how to comment on a blog, much less become a bonafide follower of a blog.  So, up until this year I regretfully sat out of her Pink Swap, where she pairs up pink loving ladies from across the country to swap delightful packages filled with all things PINK!  Well, this year I was beyond thrilled to throw my name in the swap.  And I’m so glad I did!  Hopsy paired me up with Sarah over at Scissors and a Whisk and I squealed with delight on the afternoon when, amongst bills and booooring catalogs (why DO I get so many of these?), I received this in the mail…

Thanks Sarah!  I sure wish I could play with those fun scissors this morning rather than consolidate account balances for the high school friend turned smarty pants financial planner Honey has determined we simply must meet with this afternoon.  All of the money I’ve been stealing from our household for the last nine years will certainly come to light.  EEK!

Wish me luck.

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One thought on “Pink Swap

  1. ha ha…I think you should give Ward a huge Coke before the meeting to ensure he goes to the restroom, then offer the financial planner a kick-back if he participates in your money funnelling scheme…that is how they do it in politics, oh wait, is that only New Orleans politics? Oh and this is Brooke signed in with Brad's gmail

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