A Slump

While I generally have absolutely no reason at all to complain and I skip through my days feeling totally happy and content, occasionally I slip into an annoying little thing we call a “slump” around these parts.  For as long as I can remember, and much like my dear Mother, I have subscribed to the theory that bad things come in threes.

Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you see it) I believe this slump to be short lived.  With one bad incident on each of the last three days I look forward to a new slump-free day tomorrow.  Here’s how it went down…

As I walk out of the house I hit the button to open the garage door.  Door goes up, I get in my car, quickly check the rear view mirror, see daylight, throw it into reverse, put the pedal to the metal and CRASH.  Fab.  Apparently the door didn’t go all the way up and the back of my car hit the bottom tier , totally cracking the wood and knocking the entire eighteen foot long beast off of it’s track.  At this point I’m already late and now I’m trapped inside of my own garage.  Honey and Daddy-O had to detach the door from the opener and push it up to free my car.  Nothing a couple thousand dollars won’t repair.

I’m minding my own business, chewing gum, singing to Lady Antebellum, driving on the downtown connector at the rapid pace of oh, say fifteen mph when I hear a rock hit my windshield.  I quickly inspect and see no evidence of harm nor any likely rock throwing culprits in the immediate vicinity.  So I go on my merry way when a few miles down the road I start to see a crack forming from the bottom of the windshield.  A few miles later and the crack is a few inches longer.  This keeps up and by the time I arrive home the crack is at least three feet long.  Awesome.  Now, I am not one to care much about my car – aside from the garage door damage the day before, Honey backed it into Mother In Law’s car a few months ago, and, if ever inspected it would certainly be condemned as a mobile health hazard with all of the chicken nuggets and raisins the littles have deposited – but I do need a windshield that is in one piece.  Nothing a $250 deductible won’t repair.

While attempting to take what might very well be my first nap since Cookie was born, I am jolted awake by the PCP saying that his nose hurts.  Hmmm… so I ask why it hurts and he replies that there is something stuck in it.  Now, please understand that to a five year old boy things like “gigantic poopies” and “the biggest boogie ever” are often discussed and always marveled over.  So, I ask (while trying not to throw up in my mouth) if it is a really big boogie.  No such luck.  It is a LEGO.  Fantastic.  These are the times I really, really miss having bestie S (a nurse) next door.  So I call the doctor and, while waiting on the call back, start having him try to blow out of that nostril.  With a few minutes of blowing and more than a few tissues full of yuckiness, I finally gain sight of the lego.  After carefully extracting it with the tweezers, I used all of my strength and willpower to A) keep him still on the sofa until his nose stopped bleeding and B) to not vomit from the blood.  Nothing I couldn’t handle :-)

In the infamous words of Scarlett O’Hara, “After all, tomorrow is another day.”  And I am ever so thankful.


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