The Tale of a Table

Since our big move across town in 2009, I have truly fallen in love with our new house. That being said, every now and again I shed a tear over something that I miss about the first place. Aside from the fact that it was the home where we started our lives together, brought home our babies and made some of the best friends we’ll ever have (not sure how we’ll ever top those things), we had a great open space between our kitchen, breakfast room and den. And, in said great open space, I had an adorable Pottery Barn Kids table and chair set that we used for standing on, eating play dough, snacking, and all of the other things that little people need a little table to do.

I fussed around with trying to fit the aforementioned darling little table in our new place but it just didn’t work. It is too big to squeeze in the space between the kitchen and dining room and it looks like a second coffee table in the den. So it found its permanent home in the PCP’s bedroom where he uses it for his laptop, fan in the summer and legos.

Flash forward eighteen months and, locked in our dimly lit unfinished basement space full of creepy crawlies and among loads and loads of our most un-prized possessions (think Great Grandma’s heinous painting and Honey’s high school baseball trophies), I was delighted to find our second little people table (because all families need multiple little people tables, right.) Other than the old gold Georgia Tech polka dots, it was just the right size for the den. With a quick rifle through my extra fabric, I found remnant from my kitchen drapes to make a table cloth. After marking off the size of the table top on the reverse side of the fabric, I used a mixing bowl to make cutting lines for the scalloped edge. A few quick snips with my scalloped pinking shears and I had a sweet little table cover and a darling addition to the den.

Now the little superheros can color, craft, bendaroo and lego fireside (you know, if the fireplace actually worked) while I prepare snacks and meals (you know, ALL day long at the rate my littles consume food) in the kitchen. Pretty luxurious, when you think about it.

And that, my friends, is the tale of our little table.

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