Always Blessing Somebody’s Heart

In the South, we’re always blessing somebody’s heart…

Bless your heart, bestie C.  I can hardly believe that your sweet little pup is diabetic and nearly requires more attention than a human.  Yet, somehow you not only keep a gorgeous house and great meals on the table but you work part time and have two precious littles to boot.  I don’t know how you do it all.

Bless your heart, nice grandpa I met in Publix yesterday.  The stage three turkey and rice baby food would have gone over like a lead balloon with your three year old grandson.  I’m glad I was able to steer you to the tried and true, toddler approved Lunchable option.  The hug was nice but totally unnecessary.

Bless your heart, PCP.  When you got nailed in the shoulder by an errant baseball at your game this afternoon, I was the only one crying.  You put on your five-year-old game face, grit your teeth and proudly went on to score a run.  That game ball was hard earned and well deserved.

Bless your heart, Ward the Fish.  Somehow you just keep swimming and swimming in spite of the torturous acts that Cookie doses out on a daily basis.  Yesterday it was chap stick in your tank and last week it was a generous amount of hair spray right in the water.  Every day in between is knocking, waving and chubby hands dropping in various amounts of food or household items.  Your laid back manner is much appreciated.

Bless your heart, new friend A.  Not only is your husband away on a business trip for four weeks with no breaks to return home, but your in-laws have moved in for an undetermined period of time.  And you haven’t complained even one teensy tiny time.


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