Beach Day

During breakfast this morning we decided that a beach day was in order.  So we promptly loaded up the boat tote and jetted off for a beach picnic at Tybee.

In our frantic departure (I’d like to know what departure with children in tow isn’t frantic) we neglected to bring a blanket to sit on.  Used to always living on the fringe of crazy, a great piece of driftwood quickly solved that problem and we all lined up to dine on McDonald’s (so chic, right?) while watching the tide roll in.  Just about the minute we sat down, Cookie (friend of all animals) treated a sea gull to a french fry and the birds continued to entertain us for the rest of the meal.  We got a serious hoot out of the whole fearless flock of them, eating right out of the little’s hands.

After “bird church”, the littles went to town digging in the sand.  Well, that innocent past time quickly turned to hunting for shells, which led to splashing in the surf and ultimately ended in full fledged swimming in their clothes.  They had a ball in the frigid ocean, laughing, splashing and squealing with delight.  And we couldn’t come up with a sound reason to stop them.  After a good long while, when they started turning a bit blue, we packed it up, and took the littles home in their skivvies. 

Weeeell, if you know us you probably know we didn’t head straight home.  Tybee is the laid-back kind of place where anything goes, so we didn’t let our haggard appearance deter us from popping into Seaside Sisters.  This sweet, coastal cottage style boutique is home to loads of hand painted furnishings, vintage finds and shabby beach decor.  And, it’s a well known fact that Paula Deen herself just happens to frequent the little shore shop.

adore the oyster shell chandeliers

loads of vintage finds
oyster fest
darling tunics

Sister and I left with loads of great little gems.  And if Paula’s reco doesn’t convince you that this is a must-shop, know that Kathy Trocheck (also known as the fabulous Mary Kay Andrews, who I just happen to know will be reading from her new book at the shop THIS weekend!) sells her junking treasures through Seaside Sisters.  We just happened to leave with a few of HER finds – a vintage animal menagerie for sister and a set of 1950’s milk bottles in a wire carrier for moi.  We also picked up driftwood candle holders and I couldn’t resist a lovely linen, coral embellished hand towel for the basement bath (a steal at six dollars.)

After hosing off the littles at home, we spent the tail end of the daylight hours playing in the yard and laughing at mother and sister’s scootering shenanigans.

We love those gals to pieces.

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  1. Eme – Her corner is all the way to the left as soon as you go in the door. Her stickers are marked with "KT" and the cashier confirmed the stuff was hers :-) Amanda

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