Feathery Goodness

I found myself with a rare free hour today.  So, rather than ironing the Mt. Everst sized pile of clothes taking over my guest room or hunting down all of the documents needed to register the PCP for Kindergarten, I hopped in the car and sped to the mall as fast as my Jeep would carry me.  I intended to simply pop in and get my new watch sized (it’s perfect N&E!), to quickly procure something green for the PCP to wear on St. Pat’s Day and then to be on my merry way.  But when the nice clerk in Nordstrom left me unattended for a few minutes while she removed the extra links from said watch, I all of a sudden found myself in front of the most magnificent display of hair accesories.  And y’all know how I love a good poof, frouf and thingamajig for my hair.  After modeling the multitude of different styles, varieties and colors for the kind watch re-sizer lady (who was ever so tolerant of my trying ons, re-trying ons and three-trying ons), I left with a swoon worthy addition to my collection.

**drumroll please**

Meet my new peacock blue birdcage headband, bejeweled and full of feathery goodness.  Don’t you just adore her? 

I nearly skipped out of the store!  I was so happy, in fact, that I went ahead and splurged on Auntie Anne’s original pretzel sticks and a large lemonade for an early supper. 

PS. John ran in the door from school yelling “I sacrificed Charlie at school.”  Hmmm… what actually happened was that he shared the toy he brought for show and tell.  It was worth a good laugh for Honey and me, and worth pulling the first thorn out of our crown :-)
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