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Not a day goes by that, while marveling over the beautiful boys that inhabit my home and hold my heart, I don’t wonder (like any other mama out there) where DOES the time go?  It seems like just days ago that we welcomed our first miracle into our lives.  And, here we are, five years later, with a smart, funny, strong willed, kind, handsome and rambunctious son preparing for the end of his pre-K school year.  When John’s sweet teacher requested that we send in five pictures for the graduation slide show, I spent hours pouring through the thousands that document every stage and age of his precious life thus far.  I smiled at many, laughed at some and cried at a few – I love this child so much that it hurts.  So, without further ado, come along for my (extremely abbreviated) trip down memory lane…
six months
eighteen months

three years

four years

five years
The PCP had graduation pictures (excuse the poor iphone capture) a few weeks back and, when I came in the room to see my precious baby looking so grown up it literally knocked my socks off. 
So, to John, Ms. L, Honey and my family – let me just apologize in advance for the boo hooing I’ll surely be doing on graduation day.  Even with the next two months to prepare. 
PS. John’s sweet teacher, Ms. L, recently had a major surgery and we miss her so much at school.  Please join us in praying for a speedy recovery.
*Six and eighteen month photos courtesy of Mandy Robinson (who is no longer in the biz after her fourth child.) Four year photo courtesy of Andrea Young (who is likewise no longer in the biz after her fourth child.)  I now only use photographers with one child :-)
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  1. SWEET BOY! And I know a photographer with just TWO kids and she'd TOTALLY done…so if you need her contact info lemme know and I'll pass it along;). MISS seeing you guys!

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