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The night before last, I had the extreme pleasure of wrapping up my month long birthday celebration with besties C, S and F at the Westside’s always splendid, laden with Southern style JCT Kitchen.  From cocktails, bar bites and live music on the rooftop bar overlooking trains below and Atlanta’s ever changing sky line above, to sit down farmstead suppers in the chic earthjeweled dining room below, JCT Kitchen is without a doubt my go-to joint.

So while everything that’s crossed my lips in those four walls has been simply divine, my laundry list of favorites time and again includes the shrimp and grits, JCT salad over Chef Ford Fry’s perfectly fried chicken (this isn’t on the menu, you must request), deviled eggs with Benton’s country ham, Cracker Jack salad, truffle Parmesan fries and grown up grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup.  This particular night I dined on the slow cooked bacon sliders with Thomasville bleu and tomato jam, and I assure you that it was love at first bite.  Top that off with Meyer lemon doughnuts with espresso ice cream and banana brown butter almond cake with peanut butter ice cream and chocolate toffee and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on the decor of the space.  Styled by Smith Hanes Design, JCT is truly the junction of sensational food and swanky design.  I would be as happy as a clam moving right on in.  I adore the board and batten walls, swoon for the banquettes and drool over the drum shades.  All of which you will see in my soon to be completed basement gussy-up.

Speaking of the Fry-Hanes partnership, I await the opening of their newest collaboration, no. 246, with bated breath.  This Italian-inspired, locally driven eatery, scheduled to open in May, is rumored to have a divine menu, shuffleboard, live music and a four-top chef’s table in the plans.  And I’m sure the decor will be a feast for the eyes in another way all together.

So that’s my restaurant reco for the week.  I hope y’all love it as much as I do.

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  1. Where is no.246 going to be? That sounds awesome and maybe it will be our first outing after the girls come…..so maybe it will be in August ;).

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