Most Awesomest Party

Last weekend, John had the pleasure of attending a birthday party (of the cutie patootie he’s sweet on in school) at the Young Chefs Academy.  It was a drop off party (I thought this day would never come), but the minute I crossed the threshold, I knew it was one I had to see.  The party room was a darling, cheerfully colored kitchen with stainless steel tables and stools arranged around a main demonstration island.  Upon arrival, the little chefs first washed their hands and donned their aprons before setting off to make pizza from scratch.  The party hostesses had a pretty cute gig – enough humor to keep the littles engaged and enough information and explanation to teach them something (I even learned a thing or two.)  The birthday girl helped the hostesses make a big batch of pizza dough, and from that each attendee got a piece for their individual pies.  After much rolling, kneading, chattering, sauce squirting, sneaky cheese sampling and pepperoni divvying, each little pizza went into the oven to bake.

And out came the cupcakes!  As you’d expect, the littles just loved icing the sweet treats and topping them with loads of sprinkles.  Finally, it was time to eat pizza, sing happy birthday and dig into the cupcakes.  Covered in flour and beaming with pride, the littles dined with the sweet satisfaction of creating a meal all on their own.

It was a truly memorable and adorable party and I was thoroughly impressed with the order and patience of the hostesses (and that all seventeen in attendance stayed entertained in their seats the whole ninety minutes.) Quite the feat.

And check out these adorable party favors.  Inside of each mini pizza box was the pizza recipe and many of the fun tools used to create it! 

Coming from a family where all the men cook, I wasn’t surprised when the PCP declared it the “most awesomest” party ever.  So, guess what we’re making this week?!?!  And guess where I’m itching to throw my next party!!!


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  1. love this!! one of my closest friends' moms owns the sandy springs location, which it looks like from the pics is where the party was! i agree, is it a most fabulous place for a kid's party! and – happy birthday party night :)

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