On My Bedside

Sorority big sis H gifted me the sweet book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, as part of my birthday present and I have loved starting my day with a few minutes of simple words of reassurance, comfort and hope.

I’m jetting off to start a busy, busy day.

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2 thoughts on “On My Bedside

  1. Dear Dixie,
    Thank you so much for posting the book! I have been going through breast cancer treatments and just today became overwhelmed with searching the internet for every statisitc, survival rates, and just plain old bad reading. Thankfully, I saw this book and downloaded it on my ipad. I love books like this tht you can just pick up and get a jolt of inspiration. I searched for July 15th which is what I thought today was -haha -only off by a couple! I almost fell off the couch when I read what is said about not worrying about the future and take one day at a time. Wow, it was exactly what I needed to read! I have always followed the one day a time during this journey but it really meant so much to me to read it today! I think it was a sign to take a break from the internet info and start enjoying my life. Thanks again and I really enjoy your blog. You remind me of me when my older kids were your kids age. I too love the special occasions, the decorating, family meals, matching oufits, cocktails and Coka Cola! Haha! Keep up the great blog and know that you put a smile on my face each day!

  2. Kim – I cannot thank you enough for your comment. You've been on my mind all day. Sending virtual hugs your way. Hope you had a wonderful day!! xo

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