St. Patrick’s Parade

We loved having Honey and my sister’s Mister join us down in Savannah for part of our visit. After breakfast we headed straight to the dock to feed the birds, hunt for fiddlers and look for dolphin. 

A few hours later, it was finally time to load up for the much anticipated Tybee beach parade.  This charming, family-friendly parade is shorter and draws a smaller crowd than the big one downtown.  As our Irish luck would have it, my party-loving parents (I do come by it naturally) have a party-loving friend with a place at the beach right on the parade route.  We make a day of the event, arriving early for cocktails and corned beef while the littles play ball and climb trees in the fenced in yard.

The parade rolls late in the afternoon and is full of the characters that Tybee is so known for.  The littles love catching beads and candy and interacting with the clowns, cops and who-is-that-guy-supposed-to-be types that intermingle between floats and high school bands.  The wind was at our backs and the sun shined warm on our faces.  Twas a good time all around.

And late that night, after the two littlest littles were tucked into their cribs, we headed to the stunning 700 Drayton lounge at the Mansion on Forsyth.  Sipping on sublime cocktails and listening to live music was a brilliant end to the day. 


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  1. YOou are too cute! I am loving your blog…just found you a few days ago and have been reading all your fun posts! I am a party planner lover and so I thinnk thats how I found you – I can appreciate all your fun parties! Cant wait to see the porch finished too! :) Happy 4th (ps your party from last year wont load, desperate to see all those pics! :( ) _ Amanda Jones

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