Swirly Goodness

Our day started at the crack of dawn with a Mommy/PCP date including breakfast at Waffle House followed by Kindergarten registration at the very same school Honey attended back in the day.  (This whole sending my baby off to school in August is becoming more and more real by the week.)

After relieving Uncle C from his Cookie-sitting duties, we watched cutie two year old C from down the street so his mama could get her teeth cleaned in peace, lunched, played, drank Paris tea and visited with sister and Bird, watched Tarzan (again) and ate (more) popcorn, prepared supper, and, finally, jetted off to the PCP’s swimming lessons.  All before four o’clock.  Exhausting, no?

Yet, in an effort to avoid spending another millisecond cooped up in the house (seriously, how many days in a row now HAS it rained?!?!) and because I often dole out “treats” that are really things I want to do myself, sister and I loaded the littles up after swimming and headed straight to Pinkberry for a well deserved and divinely delish cup of freshly frozen yogurt.  And it hit absolutely the spot.

Sister and I both indulged in the seasonal, bold and tangy pomegranate yogurt topped with fresh raspberries and delectable brownie bites.  And the littles dished on a smattering of chocolate, mango and original (on purpose so that I could sample them all.)  Swoon.

So not only does Pinkberry provision the lightest, most irrestible frozen yogurt, but the decor of this delightful little yogurteria is so fresh and fun that it makes you feel chic just by walking through the door.

Now that Honey is home and the littles have been fed, bathed and tucked into their beds, I am determined to unpack some of the remaining boxes that are still sitting in spot they landed when we moved nearly two years ago.  Gasp!  (I’ve been putting off the tremendous pile of ironing in my guest room for so long now that I’ve evidently run out of other suitable wastes of time.)  Perhaps I’ll unearth some long forgotten treasure before heading to a dreamland that will certainly be filled with more swirly goodness.


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