Go Tie One On

This Easter marked a momentous occasion for the PCP and, more importantly, me.  Somewhere between the ages of four and five, the little darling outgrew smocking.  *wipes away a tear*  I was in a bit of a pickle on just how to dress the angel since my go-to john johns and peter pan collared shirts were clearly out of the question.  But, as luck would have it, in a rare moment of practicality, I purchased a blue seersucker suit on sale at the end of the season last year.  Well, precisely six days before Easter this year I realized that that was all I had purchased – no shirt, belt, shoes, tie – none of the other parts and pieces needed to turn the suit into Easter finery.

Since, in my so-Southern opinion, bow ties are just THE quintessential accessory for any devilishly dapper male, I knew that’s where I had to start.  Wanting something classic, yet updated, and wishing Honey and the PCP to match, I hopped on etsy to see what I could get made in my short turn-around time.  After convo-ing countless bow-tie peddlers, I ended up purchasing two in the perfectly convivial Cherry Moon fabric from Divine Domestication.  And I was just as pleased as punch when she hand made them to order and they arrived on my door step a mere three days later!

Tell me this isn’t even a teensy bit MORE charming than the smocked ensembles of yore.  Married with a belt of red strapping (conceived by Sister while on a jaunt to the Army Surplus Store and resourcefully thrown together by me with a safety pin and two binder clips on Easter morning) and red Converse, I just couldn’t help but be enamored by this handsome little being each and every time he caught my eye in mass.  And believe you me,  he caught my eye a lot with his never ending antics.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Easter suit.  Bike.  Whoppie cushion from Easter basket.  I’m up to something look on his face.  This IS the PCP. 

And it goes without saying that I think his Daddy is just the cat’s meow.  Lord knows, I’ve been swooning over him for ages now.

Now go tie one on, y’all.  I’m meeting my dear, dear friend P, who I haven’t seen in ages, for supper tonight!

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