Chevron Crush

I have a crush.  A chevron crush.  And not the Chevron of the corner gas station variety.  Rather, that sassy geometric pattern that’s been seen gracing everything from rugs to my newest Lilly dress.

So last week I drew up a template, threw on some lipstick (because I knew it would go over better if I looked better), baked a yummy supper (because a way to a man’s paint roller is through his stomach) and asked begged Honey to make it happen over the bar in the basement.  And that he did!

I constructed the template by cutting eight inch wide strips of poster board.  I then taped them together at right angles to make the chevron pattern.  (Sister is now the proud new owner of my template, however I have a feeling she is going to have to be more creative than lipstick and a casserole to convince her Mister.)

The next step was to paint the entire wall a lighter shade of gray than the cabinets (Silver Song by Benjamin Moore).

Then, using my template, Honey traced the lines onto the wall and taped them off with green Frog Tape (SO much better for this than the blue tape.)  He also taped random marks in the sections of the wall NOT to paint so that he didn’t go hog wild and mess up the pretty pattern.   

Finally, he painted every other section in an even paler gray (Winter Orchard by Benjamin Moore) and removed the tape!  Much to my delight, he is SO speedy that he had already hung the bar shelves before I could snap a pic of the whole pattern.  I came down the stairs and literally squealed with delight!

And since I have instant gratification issues and no plans to work through them, I stayed up late into the night putting together the bar, which was no small feat considering I first had to unpack the remaining mounds of boxes marked “basement” that had been patiently waiting in our storage room from our move two years ago (gasp!). 

In unpacking said boxes, I unearthed loads of vintage family bar ware.  A collection comprising of pieces from Daddy-O, Honey’s late father and Honey’s father’s father. All of which are etched with their initials. Love.

An apocethery jar for corks, my vintage honeycomb blender, a graphic “carry on” sign and cocktail napkins with our Number 411 custom monogram outfit one side of the sink.

Honey’s beloved cut crystal decanters and his favorite Bulleit Bourbon bottle signed by Hollis Bulleit, the First Lady of Bourbon (I SO need a title), are at home on the other side of the sink.

One last view of the bar, sparkling in the light of my prized crystal pendant.  And do note the perfectly patterned hand towels I was coveting a few weeks back (thanks bestie S).

And now that it’s all said and done, my chevron crush has turned full fledged love affair.

We enjoyed a smashing night out with fun friend M and Coach S – dining alfresco over divine steaks, bottles of wine and hours of compelling conversation – and it’s now waaay past my “school night” bedtime. 

Cheers y’all!

PS. If you haven’t been following along with our basement project, this wall was completely empty before we started our gussy-up.  The cabinets were pre-assembled and unfinished from Home Depot, painted in Fieldstone by Benjamin Moore. The sink and counters are from Ikea, the dishwasher from super duper sale at Best Buy, shelves a splurge from Ballard Designs and the wine fridge was a closing day gift from the previous owners of our house.

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17 thoughts on “Chevron Crush

  1. wait a minute…your wine fridge was a closing day gift from the previous owners?! i LOVE that, and what a fab gift!! great job on the bar – i love every element you thoughtfully put together. cheers :)

  2. yes! isn't that so exceedingly nice?!?! honey grew up with their youngest son too. small world. thx for the compliments and fb shout out too. xo

  3. Hello. I found you over at Tatertots and Jello. I am a new follower. I have an absolute crush on Chevron too and I love the subtle contrast that you used in your bar area. It is so chic! I am linking back to this project on my Best of Spring Feature at [email protected].

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. The pendant was from Pottery Barn, but I purchased it about seven years ago. It was in the basement bath in my last home and we moved it with us to the new place :-)

  5. Oh my gosh, I just found your blog through My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, and just love your basement. The "swanky" seating area and the bar – to die for!!! Love the chevron wall – it looks fabulous!

  6. Wow, not just to the wall but all your fabulous bar accessories! I'm totally coveting all of it! Looks fabulous – well done to the hubby for his work and well done you for your ingenuity! Looks fab :)

    PS When's next party? I'm so there lol

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