Clean Old Fashioned Hate

Clean, old fashioned hate.  It’s the term we use down South to describe the long standing college rivalry between Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia.  While GT is clearly head and shoulders above those mangy bulldogs in academics, the college contention spans the realm of sports – from football to baseball to golf and everything in between.  So last night, escorted by my very own TECH ball playing alumnus, we headed up to Turner Field for a fantastic tailgate and the baseball series finale.

In spite of the fact that the Yellow Jackets are clearly the better ball players (please understand that anything I know about sports was most certainly overheard while eavesdropping on one of Honey’s loads of juicy convos), we literally dropped the ball last night after a five game win streak in the series.  I assure you that the loss didn’t damper the evening’s enjoyment.

And I fully expect my dawg deifying friends to cause all sorts of a ruckus over this piece.  Hey, I’m nothing if I’m not loyal to the white and gold.
Go Jackets!

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