Dolled Up Doughnuts

Spring baseball has finally started and my very favorite game of the season is always the one where I’m in charge of the snack.  My game came up just as we returned home from Savannah so I had to (read: wanted to) come up with something quick, cute and easy to execute.  To ever so slightly complicate the matter, my game was of the rare nine a.m. variety where hot dogs or pizza seemed a little silly.  And besides, who is delivering pizza at the crack of dawn?!?!  So the night before the game I popped into Krispy Kreme for a dozen melt-in-your-mouth Glazed Kreme Filled doughnuts and headed home to doll ’em up.  As I start icing the little confections, I realized that there are thirteen kids on the roster.  WHAT?  I hop on the phone with new friend slash co-team mom M, frantic that I am going to have to go all the way back to KK for one more doughnut.  Tragic.  And that’s what I get for being so complicated.  Well, luckily it was a mistake and I was good to go.  Whew!  Disaster averted.  In the end, it really only took a few minutes and I think the result was just smashing.

Okay, so when I said I headed home to doll ’em up, I didn’t quite head straight home.  I just kept picturing the sad, worn picnic table in my mind and decided that while I was dolling, I might as well doll-all-out.  A table cloth, pack of coordinating plates and napkins and a few balloons later, I was REALLY on my way home.
I keep a stash of metal paint mixing cans on hand (they can be yours for a few dollars at Home Depot) for various party throwing purposes and pulled one out to make a centerpiece for the table.  I downloaded some team logos from the internet and quickly print, cut out and glued to dowel rods a few pennant flags for the arrangement.  Add a piece of foam to the paint can, some tissue paper to the pennant flags and balloons to the handle, and I had a terrific table topper in no time.  [League name masked in the pics.]

So this is the ah-dorable snack that awaited those sweet, sweaty twelve boys after they won their second game of the season.

And what makes all of this totally worth it is having the PCP come up to me as soon as he laid eyes on the table to say “Mommy, I love it when you make parties so pretty.”  Me too, baby.  I really do :-)
Fingers crossed we make it to the playoffs so I’ll get another turn.


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  1. Just found your blog and am enjoying reading it. However, posts like this give me a complex as when it is my turn, I am lucky to slap some cookies and paper napkins in a plastic bag!!! You are an inspiration to women like me!

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