Eggcellent Day

Along with my parents and my sister’s mister’s family, we reveled in the lighter side of Easter today.  The eggs, that is.  Hunting eggs.  Boiling eggs. Dying eggs. Redying eggs. Stuffing eggs.  You get the picture.

Just as soon as we were all up and dressed, we headed to the club for brunch, a visit with the Easter bunny, an egg hunt and loads of catching up with friends.


After naps, the littles dyed eggs at home on the deck.  They had such a delightful time dying and re-dying the things that we were left with some pretty unappetizing looking half cracked eggs and three littles covered from head to toe in dye.  I don’t suppose any permanent damage was done… other than perhaps to the color of my picnic table and deck below.

To round out our egg-cellent day, Daddy-O treated us all to an always delish and entertaining night at the Japanese restaurant.  And before I hit the hay, I’ve got to watch a few more episodes of GLEE! (while stuffing eggs to hunt tomorrow) in order to stay on schedule of cleaning enough off of my DVR in time to record a day’s worth of royal wedding coverage next week.  *squeals in anticipation*

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