In a Pinch

What DOES one do when neighbor A (not to be confused with new friend A) calls at two thirty to invite us over for supper at six thirty that very same night?  Show up empty handed?  Stop directing Honey on hanging pictures in the basement to run to the grocery?

Au contraire mon frere.

In a pinch, she makes do with supplies on hand, whipping up two scrumptious items to cart with her brood to the supper date down the street.  Here’s how…

Strawberry Shortcake
Now, this delish dessert came about by pure accident.  Well that and the fact that I was trying to mix the shortcake while the littles were running like wild banshees around the kitchen island. I had planned to make the strawberry shortcake following the directions on the back of the Bisquick box.  But when I accidentally put in two times the called for amount of milk, and subsequently ran out of Bisquick to thicken up my mistake, I just poured the mixture into a square cake pan and popped it in the oven.  I cubed the cooled shortcake and layered it with strawberries and whipped cream (from a can) to make a striking and tasty trifle.

Brussels Sprouts
Scrounging around in the freezer I was able to produce two bags of the Birdseye steam-in-bag brussels sprouts.  I nuked them in the micro for four minutes, sliced them in half and then sauteed them in butter and fresh minced garlic.  It’s one of our staple stand-by side dishes and ended up a perfect pairing for the steaks we dined on later that evening.

This almost makes me want to scrap all of my typical, laborious days long preparations to just fly by the seat of my britches from now on.  But not quite.

PS. Two of my baby birds have hatched!  They are so tiny that they can’t even hold their sweet heads up.  Momma bird has been busy as a bee bringing them food and caring for them.

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