Keep Calm and Marry On

The day awaited with bated breath by Anglophiles all over the world has dawned.  And as the wedding was just getting underway in Britain, here on the other side of the Atlantic, Mother and I were up early making the final preparations for our own fete fit for royals.

Bestie C, bestie N, Sister, Mother and I donned our tiaras, noshed on delectable brunch bites and sipped on Paris Tea with a spot of cream while we reveled in the pomp and ceremony of the making of a true princess bride.

Our royal menu, marrying English favorites with Southern specialties, featured everything from frittatas and grits to scones and biscuits. 

A Ginger Orange Cocktail and pot of hot tea comprised the festive refreshments.

Armed with six hours of wedding recordings and a morning for just the girls, we reveled in the convivial hats.

Our hearts ached for the sweet sons of Princess Diana, who were surely missing their mum on this momentous occasion.

We were, again, awestruck by the beauty of the Westminster Abbey and swooning over the resplendent trees that adorned the grand aisle.

Kate’s exquisite gown had us spellbound and we couldn’t help but consider what it must be like to walk in her shoes on this day.

We were captivated by royal cavalry and carriages, and the throngs of well-wishers lining the streets of London and lawn of Buckingham Palace.

And the long awaited kiss(es) on the balcony was short, sweet and undoubtedly genuine.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge certainly make a smashing couple. 

Oh, to leave your wedding breakfast in an Ashton Martin driven by a true prince…

All the while, we played a convivial game of Royal Wedding Bingo, hoping for Barbara Walters to mention “mail order company” or “Kenya” for the win.

And since no soiree would be complete without a frivolous favor, I sent the gals home with mini bottles of royal wedding hand sanitizers fit for a princess.

It was a jolly good time and a gorgeous day in so many ways.  Now we are ready for some royal babies…


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  1. What a cute idea. My friends and I were group texting each other. I left the phone for 5-10 minutes and came back with 21 text messages waiting for me.

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