Master’s Sunday

After a week of sunny Southern days, amazing azaleas and perfect pimento cheeses, the day on which that coveted green blazer is awarded has finally come.  As previously mentioned, I felt completely left out when the rest of my family, Bird included, traipsed across the state to spend a day at the tournament.  But as luck would have it, the one and only, ever so thoughtful Daddy-O didn’t leave Augusta empty handed.  He arrived on my door step with a smattering of the Master’s goodies I’ve been drooling over all week.

So to celebrate this sacred day (to Honey at least), I headed straight to the golf course in my back yard, past my azaleas and under my dogwoods, with my two green baggies and a sweet tea in hand.  There, I savored each bite of pimento cheese and egg salad and watched the golfers on the green.  Now, said golfers were mostly comprised of Honey’s high school hootenanny friends turned neighbors and club old timers, but they were golfers nonetheless.  And I plum enjoyed myself (until a mortified Honey came running out to inquire what on Earth I was doing just in time to snap this pic.)

Happy Masters Sunday y’all!


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2 thoughts on “Master’s Sunday

  1. bwahahahahah! i was just laughing out loud at you eating your masters sandies out there.

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