Traipsing Around Tybee

It’s not a trip to Savannah until we’ve been to the beach and back.  So we packed up the Jeep and made the short island hop over to Tybee. 

Mother and I lounged in chairs and soaked up the sun while keeping an eagle eye on the littles having the time of their lives frolicking in the sand and splashing in the (arctic) water.  A peculiar amount of jelly fish were scattered about the beach from the last tide, and the PCP made it his mission to bury each and every one.  You know, “so that they could go to Heaven and get to come back to life again.”  From the mouths of babes.

Only after we were completely water logged, covered in sand from head to toe and dog tired did we shake out, brush down and rinse off for lunch.  We headed to the Tybee Social Club – our favorite haunt on all of the beach.  The decor simply screams beach chic in a purely Tybee sort of way.  From the color palette to the local coastal art and driftwood hand rails, I adore every inch of the place.  Even the kelp and white colored logo, with perfectly placed type and sea grass, is sublime.  We spent many hours on the broad, breezy front porch last summer sipping on sweet teas or from scratch mojitos and snacking on fresh guacamole while the littles made up endless games to entertain themselves.  Today we started with the same, always yummy, guac and then dined on the most unexpected and absolutely exquisite fish tacos. Think bacon, pear puree, fresh cilantro and fish in a corn tortilla.  Like I said, unexpected and unbelievably exquisite. And I do believe bacon is making a come back (more on that later.)

After a couple of hours at the Social Club, we treated the littles to gigantic ice cream cones at the Sugar Shack, a Tybee establishment and local tradition since before I was born, and the very place where we used to park for ice cream after long beach days as kids.  Again, we sat ourselves on the porch and watched the comings and goings on Butler Avenue while enjoying scoops and the spring breeze.

And last but not least, we popped into Seaside Sisters, a gem for coastal cottage decor.  Like last time, there were many fine things to feast the eyes on.  I was drooling over the fresh contrast of the blue and white coastal pillows and am still racking my brain to think of a place for the gorgeous indoor outdoor rug (rolled below.)  While I did leave with one little thing (well, I bought it but didn’t actually leave with it), I cannot quite yet divulge my purchase since it is intended to be Mother’s Mother’s Day gift.

We’re headed downtown tomorrow for a little shopping on Broughton and Whitaker and a lot of playing in Forsyth.

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